Mali – Sexual violence at the Basketball Federation: “I said no, and he fired me from the team” – Capcov

Even if other testimonies followed, this young player of the national team was the first to denounce the actions of her coach, triggering a scandal whose echoes resounded as far as the United States. For the first time since the case broke, she testifies, on condition of anonymity.

The slender silhouette is concealed under a long tartan shirt and loose gray basketball shorts. Aya (assumed name) has a frank smile and looks up with the feigned assurance of adolescence. Basketball, she has dreamed of it for a long time. The 17-year-old remembers the trophy won at the Cadet Africa Cup in Rwanda. She’s lifted, cups, since she started playing at the age of nine, but “none were as important as this.” A giant photo, immortalizing a duel won against a Ugandan player, throne besides in the family living room.

It is his “best memory”. Today, she agreed to receive us to talk about “the worst”: the abuses of which she accuses her trainer, Amadou Bamba, placed under judicial control, and the resounding scandal that followed.

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