Algeria-France: end of inadmissibility to the outstretched hand of Paris – Capcov

For two months, the grounds for dispute between Algiers and Paris have multiplied. France has tried in recent weeks to ease tensions, but the Algerian authorities expect more from the French president.

The relationship between Algiers and Paris has experienced multiple storms, followed by modest clearings. But this time, Algerian officials do not budge: no sign of weakening their position, apart from the participation of the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ramtane Lamamara, at the Paris conference on Libya, on November 12.

“This means that the two countries can continue to advance on certain issues such as Libya, but the crisis between Algiers and Paris will not be resolved before the French presidential election in April 2022,” said a diplomatic source in Algiers, who points out that Ramtane Lamamra publicized on his Twitter account his meetings with the Libyan Minister of Foreign Affairs Najla al-Mangoush and his Saudi counterpart Prince Faisal Ben Farhan Al Saoud, on the sidelines of the Paris Conference, but not “a word on a possible exchange with the French authorities ”.

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