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This is the first time since the opening of the historic trial of the alleged assassins of Thomas Sankara and his companions that this key man has been questioned. In the absence of Blaise Compaoré, he is the main accused.

Former chief of staff of Blaise Compaoré to whom he remained faithful until the end of his reign in October 2014, Gilbert Diendéré was not worried for a long time for his alleged role in the assassination of former President Thomas Sankara in 1987. The past finally caught up with him. In the absence of his former boss, exiled in Abidjan, this man who was once one of the most powerful and best informed in Burkina Faso is the main accused in this historic trial opened a month ago.

Dressed in combat gear, Gilbert Diendéré, whose hearing was eagerly awaited, appeared as a prisoner on Tuesday, November 9 – he has already been sentenced to 20 years in prison for his involvement in the failed coup of September 2015 and purge currently serving his sentence in the Detention and Correction Center (Maca).

He said “his” truth

The general first bowed to the memory of the thirteen victims – Sankara and twelve companions – of that fatal day in October 1987 who have weakened Burkina Faso for more than 34 years. After that, he immediately refuted the charges of attack on state security, complicity in murder, concealment of a corpse and witness tampering against him, and pleaded not guilty. General Gilbert Diendéré has told his version of events.

We heard rumors about Sankara and Compaoré

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