Guinea: who is Lauriane Doumbouya, the new first lady? – Young Africa

On October 1, during the inauguration ceremony of Mamadi Doumbouya, the presence of this Frenchwoman alongside the putschist was noticed. “Jeune Afrique” investigated this gendarmerie officer who became first lady.

The phone rings desperately in the void. There is no one left to answer the line recorded in the name of Mamadi Doumbouya. The contract refers to an address in Chabeuil, more precisely to official accommodation for the gendarmerie in this small town in Drôme, in the south-east of France. This is where Lauriane Doumbouya, née Darboux, officiated for the last time in the French police.

If no one answers, it is because the French gendarmerie officer now lives several thousand kilometers away. On October 1, during the inauguration ceremony of Mamadi Doumbouya as president of the transition, the presence of this white woman did not go unnoticed. The proud port, dressed in a boubou and a bazin, here is this Frenchwoman unknown to the general public propelled to the rank of first lady of Guinea. A sequence all the more particular as it is by arms that her husband came to power on September 5, overthrowing Alpha Condé.

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