Exclusive: the Mauritian Supreme Court lifts the freezing of Afrinic’s accounts – Capcov

In Mauritius, the Supreme Court lifted the freeze on the bank accounts of IP address block distributor Afrinic, four months after pronouncing this sanction.

In a commercial dispute that escalated into a bitter legal battle between Afrinic, a wholesale distributor of IP address blocks for internet access on the mainland, and Cloud Innovation – a company that claims to be based in Hong Kong but is registered in Seychelles and specializes in the management of IP addresses – the Supreme Court of Mauritius has declared the order relating to the freezing of accounts “null and void”, in the words of the CEO of Afrinic.

“The Tribunal, after considering our request and the matter initiated by Cloud Innovation Ltd, declared the order null and void. Afrinic therefore won this lawsuit against Cloud Innovation Ltd ”, CEO Eddy Kayihura said in a message.

The reasons for the dispute

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