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Four months after returning to Côte d’Ivoire, Laurent Gbagbo officially signs his return to politics with the founding congress of his new party. With a big absent, Simone Gbagbo. And a very noticed presence: that of Adama Bictogo.

With three hours behind schedule, Laurent Gbagbo received a long standing ovation on Saturday, October 16 when he entered the conference hall of the Hotel Ivoire in Abidjan. A room of 1,650 galvanized seats, full to the brim, the security services hardly containing all those to whom access was refused.

The former president formalizes his return to politics this weekend with the founding congress of his new party, four months after his return to Abidjan – this marked the end of ten years of prosecutions by the International Criminal Court. “A historic day”, according to many supporters of the former head of state who will not speak until Sunday.

The election of the president and the bureau of this new “pan-Africanist” political formation aiming to “unite the left”, which should be called “Party of African peoples – Ivory Coast”, must be held overnight.

Objective: presidential

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