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After months of blockage, Denis Kadima, suspected by Catholics and Protestants of being close to President Tshisekedi, was officially appointed head of the electoral commission.

Two years after the theoretical end of his mandate, the former president of the Independent National Electoral Commission (Ceni), Corneille Nangaa, forced in recent weeks to begin the first preparations for the 2023 polls, will finally hand over.

After several weeks of blockage, endless negotiations and tensions within the majority, the National Assembly ratified this Saturday, October 16, in a tense context, the name of his successor. This is Denis Kadima, a 60-year-old electoral expert. This choice must now be validated by presidential ordinance.

A candidate of the Kimbanguists, he was supported by six of the eight religious denominations responsible for appointing the chairman of the electoral commission. But his profile was considered problematic by the Catholic leaders (gathered within the National Episcopal Conference of Congo, Cenco) and Protestants (gathered within the Church of Christ of Congo, ECC), who accuse him of being too close to President Félix Tshisekedi.

On several occasions, the Cenco-ECC duo denounced the “pressure” of power to impose the candidacy of Kadima, without however showing the “evidence” which they claim to have. After a final meeting on October 2, the heads of religious denominations broke up without reaching a consensus. The question therefore had to be decided in the National Assembly, to which the Head of State had asked to end the blockage by the end of the parliamentary session.

Heckled plenary

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