Cape Verde elects José Maria Neves as new president

Cape Verde has just elected the candidate of the African Party for the Independence of Cape Verde (PAICV), José Maria Neves, 61, as its new President of the Republic. A new political alternation is underway in this exemplary archipelago through its political and economic governance.

At the end of the counting of 98% of the votes cast by the voters, there is 51.5% for José Maria Neves, candidate of the left, against 42.6 for Carlos Veiga, the candidate of the Movement for Democracy ( MpD, center-right party). The unsuccessful candidate admitted defeat and congratulated the newly elected president.

These results have yet to be validated by the electoral commission. If they are, it is a cohabitation which promises to be at the head of Cape Verde. The archipelago renewed on April 18 the absolute majority of the MpD of Prime Minister Ulisses Correia e Silva (38 seats), ahead of the PAICV (30 seats out of 72).

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