The Finactu Group selected in the Gabonese social protection reform project

In Gabon, the FINACTU Group is honored to have been selected by the CPPF (Caisse des Pensions et des Benefits Familiales des Agents de l’Est) and the CNSS (Caisse Nationale de Sécurité Sociale, for the private sector), at the resulting from international calls for tenders, to assist them in an ambitious plan to reform Gabonese social protection.

In recent years, changes in the economic, social and demographic environment in Gabon have weighed on the financial balance of these two funds, and it appears that major reforms are necessary to ensure the sustainability of the social protection system for the benefit of the populations. .

The extreme complexity of the schemes, whether it is a question of retirement, family allowances or work accidents and occupational diseases, requires a complete actuarial modeling, the only one capable of enlightening decision-makers on the reforms to be taken.

Ghita LAMRIKI, Head of mission, and Edouard TROUILLET, recall that “FINACTU will rely on its actuarial simulations software ATLAS © – which has become the benchmark in Africa for modeling social security schemes. We will thus be able to assist the Authorities in identifying the most suitable packages of parametric reforms to ensure the long-term viability of systems that are at the end of their rope, and thus preserve the social benefits provided to the insured. ».

But FINACTU is delighted that the authorities’ ambition is not limited to reforming existing regimes: the team has indeed been mandated to work on enrichment and preparation for the future.

Thus, at the CPPF, FINACTU is asked to work on the creation of a new supplementary funded pension scheme, which will enrich the social protection of the 107,000 insured persons in the public sphere, and strengthen the autonomy of young people. CPPF.

At the CNSS, beyond the parametric reform to ensure the solvency of the fund in the very short term and the viability of its plans in the long term, it is a question of working on the extension of the existing plans to all Gabonese today. ‘hui not covered, especially those in the non-salaried and informal sector.

These new missions, which sign a long-standing partnership with Gabon, are intended to ensure the future of systems that are at the end of their rope through ambitious reforms, as many African countries have done. Denis CHEMILLIER-GENDREAU, Founding President of FINACTU, is delighted with this new building block for the modernization of social security in Gabon: “ The entire FINACTU team is particularly proud to support Gabon in the management and reform of its social protection for 16 years now. At the service of the General Managers, Patrick OSSI OKORI for the CNSS and Hugues Sorel ONGOLLO NEMBE for the CPPF, we take up the challenge of ensuring the sustainability of the two social security funds while protecting the services which benefit thousands of Gabonese. »

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