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Despite an unprecedented context, the composition of the new Tunisian government, which has 25 members including 9 women, holds few surprises.

The appointment, on September 29, of Najla Bouden to form a government was the prelude to the restoration of functioning of an executive shut down since July 25, date of the freezing of the work of the Assembly of the Representatives of the People. (ARP) and the dismissal of the Mechichi government.

Despite the pressures and the chaotic situation in the country, the president took all his time to endow Tunisia with the executive of his choice. And thus mark the first act of the presidential regime that it established by assuming all the powers.

Several ministers reappointed

From discussions to negotiations, it took all the same two weeks for the first woman Prime Minister in the history of Tunisia to constitute her team. Or at least a government that suits President Kaïs Saïed, now the sole master of the game.

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