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About fifteen Tunisian pilots have joined Air Senegal. Fleeing a gloomy situation in Tunisia, they are attracted by better working conditions.

In a few months, around fifteen Tunisian pilots, mainly from the Tunisair company, joined the cockpits of Air Senegal, whose first commercial flights date from 2018. And the trend should continue. Brain drain or win-win exchange?

The president of the Tunisian Federation of Airline Pilots (FTPL), Karim Elloumi, leans for the first hypothesis. “If we look at the profile of these pilots, they are mainly instructors, that is to say employees with seniority. At the national level, there is a real risk of loss of experience. “

In debt to the tune of 2.2 billion dinars (670 million euros), the Gazelle company no longer makes pilots dream. In parallel, Air Senegal, in full expansion, would offer a salary up to four times higher than the Tunisian tariff to fly on its fleet of Airbus A320 / A330, according to Karim Elloumi.

For ten years, the management of Tunisair has only talked about savings, budget, rescue plans, but never about our safety …

Secondments, not resignations

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