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“We killed the president! »(2/6). As the trial of the alleged assassins of Sankara opened, Jeune Afrique invites you to rediscover the tragic fates of six assassinated African presidents. Today, we look back at the death of Chadian Ngarta Tombalbaye, shot dead by elements of his own army, on April 13, 1975.

The sun is not yet quite risen on the city of N’Djamena on this Sunday, April 13, 1975. The gendarmes in fatigues have not closed their eyes in recent hours. Positioned on the left bank of the Chari River, they gathered under cover of darkness. Discreetly, they implemented the plan of their leaders. For three days, their brothers in arms, soldiers from the garrisons of Am Timan, Mongo, Bokoro or Bongor, have been ready to converge on the capital, under the orders of Commander Vidal Kamougué, the main brain of the operations. They themselves must take action at the first light of dawn.

At around 5.30 a.m., the first shots rang out in the streets of the Chadian capital. We hear some explosions. The maneuvers are launched. The gendarmes confront the fighters of the Chadian Security Company (CTS). This Praetorian Guard, which President Ngarta Tombalbaye wanted to form as an elite unit to quell the revolt of the regular army, is quickly overwhelmed. One hour after the first detonations, the electricity was cut and the Chadian National Radio (RNT) stopped broadcasting. The putschists know their stuff. The conquest of power takes place behind closed doors. Locked up in their homes, the inhabitants of N’Djamena await, feverishly, the verdict of the bullets.

He dared to denounce the “maneuvers of Mr. Foccart”, the secretary general of the Elysee for African affairs

French conspiracy?

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