The quantified commitments of President Macron in favor of African entrepreneurs, students and artists

From our special correspondent in Montpellier, Dia El Hadj Ibrahima.

The Africa-France summit concluded on October 8 in Montpellier on the concrete commitments made by Emmanuel Macron to 700 young Africans. First decision, a fund of 30 million euros over three years which will aim to support the actors of change on the African continent.

The orientations of this Fund inspired by the Achille Mbembé report will be decided by a committee of African, French and Franco-African personalities from civil society, which, declares President Macron, “will make it possible to guarantee the independence and neutrality of this instrument. The committee will also be responsible for evaluating the results of projects financed by the Fund ”.

The creation of a “House of African worlds and diasporas” chaired by Achille Mbembe with within it French personalities from the intellectual, cultural, associative and private sector worlds, responsible for embodying and carrying this project, is also recorded. in the French public space. An operating budget will be allocated to this mission which will have to submit its proposals within 6 months.

In addition, the Montpellier summit sees the launch of the second phase of Digital Africa, in the form of a seed fund endowed with 10 million euros of subsidy per year for 3 years, in co-financing of the Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Economy and Finance. This fund will be accompanied by the labeling of projects carried by various Proparco systems (Proparco Venture Capital, Fiséa +, etc.) which represent nearly € 130 million dedicated to the development of the digital ecosystem on the African continent.

“This model of“ subsidiary ”of Digital Africa within Proparco could serve as a pilot for similar initiatives in favor of companies in the field of cultural and creative industries, or even subsequently in the sport sector.

The French president has also committed to a new impetus after the restitution in the coming weeks of the 26 works of Abomey. “Thus, continues Emmanuel Macron, the Ministry of Culture, the French Institute, the French Development Agency and the Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs, will implement several initiatives to strengthen heritage and museum cooperation and our action in favor of cultural and creative industries ”.

As an extension of the “Picasso à Dakar 1972-2022” exhibition project, the French Ministry of Culture will launch a support fund for hosting exhibitions and the circulation of works. In the amount of 300,000 euros over 3 years and supporting between 3 and 5 projects per year, this fund will be intended for African museum institutions, allowing the public of these museums to see works hitherto inaccessible.

From 2022, a professional seminar “Itinerary Culture” run by the Ministry of Culture will be dedicated each year to African museum professionals to support the organization and design of temporary exhibitions.

-The “Access Culture” program, which aims to finance cultural micro-projects between Africa and France with a strong social impact, carried by the French Development Agency and the French Institute, will be geographically extended and increased to of an additional 2.5M €.

The “Creative Africa” program, which is an incubation and acceleration program for entrepreneurs in the cultural and creative industries, supported by the French Development Agency, will also be geographically extended and increased by 2, 5M €.

For its part, the “Culture in the Sahel” Mobility Fund, launched in 2021 by the French Institute to support the mobility of artists and cultural professionals from the G5 Sahel zone will be supplemented to the tune of 150,000. € in order in particular to extend the geographical scope to the Maghreb countries and to promote mobility throughout the region.

A new system will be put in place aimed at increasing cross-mobility of students between France and Africa by relying on the partnerships that have been set up between French and African establishments within the framework of double degrees. It will allow the mobility of 250 African students to France and the mobility of 250 French students to Africa. The identified budget, shared between the Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs and the Ministry for Higher Education, Research and Innovation, is 1.8 million euros.

The French President also announced the creation of a Sport and Education program to support African sports academies,

with an additional contribution of € 4 million, implemented by the French Development Agency.

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