Roukiata Ouédraogo: “Le Pen and Zemmour are spreading fear in France” – Capcov

NEWS SEEN BY… Every Saturday “Jeune Afrique” invites a personality to decipher a topical subject. The Franco-Burkinabè actress, columnist and author reacts to the trivialization of far-right theses in France before the presidential election in April 2022.

She never stops multiplying the projects. One woman shows, chronicles on France Internovel, film and now comic strip. On October 6, Roukiata Ouédraogo published, with the designer Aude Massot, Ouagadougou in a hurry, a comic strip inspired by her eponymous show that she performed on stage between 2012 and 2016. In this funny and subtle autofiction, the Franco-Burkinabè actress, a graduate of the prestigious Cours Florent, recounts her youth between Ouaga and Paris, and the adventures, shared by so many immigrants, of the return to the country.

Between two dates of his show I ask for the route, which will take her on tour throughout France – as well as in Ivory Coast – until 2023, “Rouki”, as her relatives call her, landed in a cafe near the Champs-Élysées. For JA, the one who arrived in France at the age of 20 and who has known many hardships before having a flourishing career, has agreed to confide in the situation in her adopted country seven months before the presidential election in April 2022. By not hiding his concern in the face of the progress of the far right and anti-immigration discourse within French society.

Jeune Afrique: Are you worried about the political and media rise of Eric Zemmour in France? How do you explain it?

Roukiata Ouédraogo: Yes I am worried. It is quite absurd to give so much media visibility to such a person. We see it a lot and therefore inevitably there are people who will be convinced. It is worrying that the media environment gives so much space to someone like Eric Zemmour.

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