DRC-China: the Minister of Mines believes that the “contract of the century” must be reviewed from top to bottom – Capcov

In her report submitted to President Tshisekedi and consulted by JA exclusively, Antoinette N’samba believes that Beijing has not kept its commitments in the exploitation of copper and cobalt from Sicomines. It requires an audit and the signing of an amendment.

The cleaning seems to continue in the Congolese mining sector. Proof with an 11-page report, of which Young Africa was able to have the exclusive content, drawn up at the request of President Félix Tshisekedi by the services of the Minister of Mines, Antoinette N’samba Kalambayi.

Signed by the latter, the document examines what has been done on the mining side of the “contract of the century”, signed in 2008 under the presidency of Joseph Kabila and covering $ 3.2 billion in Chinese investments announced at the time (out of a total of 6 , $ 2 billion).

A prejudice unprecedented in the history of the Congo …

Another report, commissioned by the services of the Ministry of Infrastructure, must also be submitted to the president concerning the 3 billion dollars of roads, railways, hospitals and other buildings promised.

The production of these reports comes at a time when a first (provisional) document, produced by a consultant on behalf of the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI) and made public at the end of September, laid the groundwork in la mare by qualifying the “contract of the century” as “unprecedented harm in the history of the Congo”.

Overestimation of reserves

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