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Vogue readers accuse the American fashion magazine of having “whitewashed”, on its cover, the face of the elected Vice President of the United States …

If the mixed complexion of Kamala Harris undoubtedly participates in his announced legend – alongside his sex never represented as Vice President of the United States – the pitfall would be that the constitutional lining of Joe Biden is only mentioned under the prism of his skin color.

And now, a few days before the inauguration of the elected Democrat ticket, its appearance on the cover of the prestigious magazine Vogue is both applauded and denigrated. In question: his complexion, considered unusually light in the photos of the two versions of the February cover …

Of course, it is not Kamala Harris, a father of Jamaican origin and mother of Indian origin, who is blacklisted for an alleged “Xessal”. It is the team of the editor-in-chief Anna Wintour which is accused of abuse of lighting, outrageous make-up or excess of photoshop. The same Anna Wintour who was criticized by the Black Live Matters movement last June for under-representing the black community in the United States and for not promoting its own colored employees enough.

This time, Vogue dismissed the accusation of chromatic treatment of Kamala Harris’ photo by denying having lightened, after the photoshoot, the skin of the model of the day.

Suspicion of “money laundering”

If observers reacted so quickly to the cover unveiled on January 10, it is because the fashion magazine would be repeat offenders in terms of “bleaching” of photographed skins. Six months ago, a snapshot of the four-time Olympic champion Simone Biles raised the same suspicions.

And the debate is not limited to Anna Wintour’s diary. For years, Beyoncé has been accused both of cultural appropriation of African codes for her commercial benefit and of denying her African-American identity by the discoloration of her complexion, whether in the promotional photo of her album “4 ”Or in the advertisements of its partner“ L’Oréal ”.

Forgetting to turn his tongue seven times in his mouth, the diva’s father had also said that his daughter would not have been as successful if she had been “blacker”.

Kamala Harris would no doubt have appreciated that her promotion to the front page of Vogue inspires other remarks than those related to her skin color. Whatever…

Grumpies believe that a pose in Converse-branded sneakers – iconic but relaxed – is disrespectful to the office of Vice President of the United States. Subsidiary question of certain Internet users: would photographer Tyler Mitchell and the editorial staff of Vogue have made the same clothing choices if Joe Biden’s co-listière had been the white Hillary Clinton? And the snake of controversy biting its tail …

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