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Catholics and Protestants are determined to refuse the head of the electoral commission to Denis Kadima, supported by the six other religious denominations. To the point of considering that the current president of the Ceni launches preparations for the elections.

The endless showdown that has opposed for months the representatives of the eight religious denominations mandated to appoint the new president of the Independent National Electoral Commission (Ceni) experienced a new episode on Thursday. The tandem formed by Catholics and Protestants summoned the press to reaffirm their determination to block the road to Denis Kadima, the candidate retained by the six other faiths.

Father Donatien Nshole, of the National Episcopal Conference of Congo (Cenco) and Éric Senga, of the Church of Christ in Congo (ECC), claimed to have recordings constituting evidence of collusion between representatives of other faiths. religious and certain executives within the presidency. The two religious evoke a game of threats and corruption intended to impose Denis Kadima at the head of the Ceni.


Accused according to them of “tribalism” by their scorners, they claim to have wanted to meet the Head of State, without success. Father Donatien Nshole, who claims to have wanted to “give the scoop” of compromising recordings to Felix Tshisekedi, suffered an end of inadmissibility. The Cenco and the ECC therefore turned to Christophe Mboso, President of the National Assembly, whose representatives will vote in fine to validate the candidate proposed by religious denominations. If, until now, the representatives of both camps were careful to use diplomatic language, this time the tone is particularly offensive, a sign that the tension is at its height.

Anxious not to be accused of slowing down the conduct of the electoral process, which is already lagging behind, Cenco and the ECC have, against all expectations, put forward the idea that the team of Corneille Nangaa, who still chairs the Ceni two years after the official end of his mandate, he got down to work without delay. However, so far they did not have enough harsh words towards the one they accuse of being one of the main culprits of the dysfunctions observed during the 2018 presidential election, at the end of which the Cenco had even called into question. cause Felix Tshisekedi’s victory, claiming that Martin Fayulu had won the ballot …

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