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A hundred Cameroonians demonstrated in Geneva on Saturday against President Paul Biya, who has been staying for a week at the Intercontinental Hotel, one of the most luxurious in the Swiss city.

The hotel regularly welcomes foreign leaders visiting the country. Paul Biya is a private visitor who is used to the place.

On Saturday, the demonstrators waved placards proclaiming “Switzerland supports the dictator Biya”, “Paul Biya: eternal dictator”, or even “Biya clears”. In front of them, police officers in riot uniforms blocked the road leading from the Place des Nations, in front of the United Nations Palace, to the hotel. Some protesters then tried several times to force their way through and threw eggs at the police, according to the Swiss agency. ATS.

Water and tear gas cannons

The latter used water cannons, tear gas and rubber bullets, forcing the crowd to disperse. Two people were slightly injured and another arrested. A man was wearing a t-shirt that read “Stop the Cameroonian genocide”. Another protester was arrested by police after trying to climb the gates of the UN building.

Since the start of the Cameroonian president’s visit, several small groups of opponents have been dispersed in Geneva. Three people were arrested earlier this week, while a dozen others were taken into custody on Friday.

Saturday’s protest in Geneva was initially allowed and then banned. The police had warned in a statement Wednesday that, as had already happened during previous anti-Biya mobilizations, it could degenerate and “cause inconvenience”. Residents were also advised to “avoid moving around the neighborhood”, where traffic restrictions have been put in place.

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