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By announcing to the harkis and their descendants that they would receive reparations, Emmanuel Macron sparked a wave of hope. But the fate of those who remained in Algeria remains in question.

A law of “recognition and reparation” set in stone. On September 20, Emmanuel Macron received representatives of the Harkie community at the Elysee to ask their forgiveness for the failings of the French Republic and announce a text before the end of the year intended to “repair”.

Supplements of the French army during the Algerian war of independence, some managed to reach the metropolis when others remained in Algeria, where they were marginalized, persecuted, even killed.

The tragedy of the harkis illustrates another aspect of the Algerian war but above all the relationship of the French state to its post-colonial history. Jacques Chirac was the first president to show the recognition of France, by instituting a National Day of homage to the harkis, set for September 25.

François Hollande, he had recognized the responsibility of the State in the fate of the harkis. With this great law announced at the end of his mandate, Emmanuel Macron also wants to leave a mark.

Is Emmanuel Macron on the way to taking up the memorial challenge he set himself during his mandate? On September 20, facing the Harkie community invited to the Elysee Palace, the French president once again took a significant step in the memory of the Algerian war. Emmanuel Macron once again feeds the narration of his five-year term, marked by the desire to move the lines of this hot topic.

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