Africa-France Summit: Wilfrid Lauriano do Rego and Marie Audouard at the helm – Capcov

The coordinator of the Presidential Council for Africa (CPA) and the deputy Africa advisor to the French Head of State are the real drivers of the October 8 event in Montpellier. They are working together to redefine relations between France and the continent.

Wilfrid Lauriano do Rego, Macron’s other “Monsieur Africa”

Appointed in July 2019 as coordinator of the Presidential Council for Africa (CPA), in place of his compatriot Jules-Armand Aniambossou, the Franco-Beninese Wilfrid Lauriano do Rego presents, at the age of 60, a journey that alone sums up the “New” priorities for France in Africa.

It is indeed difficult for Emmanuel Macron to find a more eloquent profile than this representative of the business world – he is chairman of the supervisory board of KPMG France -, born and educated in Africa before continuing his higher education in France. A member of the African diaspora, he knows the private sectors as well as the civil societies on either side of the Mediterranean.

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