Africa-France Summit: “new deal” or old recipes? – Young Africa

President Emmanuel Macron promises to change the software of relations between Paris and the continent. But some doubt the reality of his intentions.

Reinventing the relationship between France and Africa. This is the objective of the Africa-France summit which will be held from October 7 to 9 in Montpellier. Once is not customary, it is not the heads of state and the invited ministers who will be the center of attention of the tenant of the Élysée, but the youth. Paris wants, through the event, to change the image of the relationship between France and Africa. Intellectuals, researchers, creators, artists, athletes and even entrepreneurs are invited to an open dialogue, under the aegis of the philosopher Achille Mbembe.

New breath or simple announcement effect? In parallel with the official meeting, several NGOs – including Survie – are organizing a “counter-summit” in Montpellier. While the participants of the “in” will focus on entrepreneurship, higher education or even innovation, those of the “off” will evoke the “excesses of French development aid”, the “CFA franc and domination. economic ”or the French military presence on the continent. Two rooms, two atmospheres …

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